Pratice Transformation Team

Jessica Clark, LVN

Practice Transformation Specialist  ​

Jessica has seven years of experience supporting individual practitioners, medium to large clinic systems, provider groups, and health plans, with deep knowledge in practice transformation, quality reporting measures and tools, and outcome-based improvement efforts.

As a Practice Transformation Specialist, Jessica assists practices to improve their workflows and processes to achieve better outcomes, improve quality, and realize success across payment models. To date, Jessica has successfully assisted more than 150 physicians and over 50 practices and clinics throughout Northern California to participate in a range of commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payment models. She has comprehensive knowledge of clinical workflows and process improvement, and as a licensed vocational nurse, has on-the-ground experience working within practices and understanding common barriers and challenges.

Prior to her work with the CMA PSO, Jessica was a Quality Improvement Analyst at a Northern California FQHC. She also provided technical assistance coaching for a major health plan and practiced as a licensed vocational nurse across a spectrum of health care settings.

“I help practices realize success by meeting them where they are and offering guidance as they move to where they want to be.”

Meet the Practice Transformation Team

CMA Physician Services Organization's (CMA PSO) practice transformation specialists have a combined 60 years of experience helping physicians meet the demands of the changing health care system. Our specialists are skilled health care professionals with extensive real-world experience supporting a diverse set of clients, including practices, community health centers, health plans, health solution vendors, state-supported associations and health center controlled networks.

Rachel Proud

Rachel Proud, MPH >>

Associate Director
Practice Transformation

Rachel has 11 years of experience in the field and managing the success of practice transformation efforts, supporting record achievements in quality improvement and transformational efforts. Full Bio

Jeff Nguyen

Jeff Nguyen, MHA >>

Sr. Director
Physician Services 

Jeff has over 19 years of experience helping health care organizations evolve and transform to achieve the quadruple aim. He has experience building cross-functional coalitions to strategize, plan, and implement value-driving  programs improvements.

Full Bio

Pao Her

Pao Her, LVN >>

Sr. Practice Transformation Specialist

Pao has six years of experience supporting practices, health plans, and systems achieve outcome-based improvement efforts. As a nurse, Pao has comprehensive knowledge of clinical workflows and processes. Full Bio


Danielle Scheuerlein

Danielle Scheuerlein >>

Practice Transformation AND PROJECT OPERATIONS Specialist

Danielle has six years of experience working as a practice transformation specialist and medical office coordinator, helping practices improve processes and maximize workflows to achieve record savings. Full Bio

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark, LVN >>

Practice Transformation Specialist 

Jessica has seven years of experience supporting provider-focused outcome improvement efforts. As a nurse, Jessica has on-the-ground experience working within practices and understanding common barriers to success. Full Bio

Natasha Doshi

Natasha Doshi, MPH >>

Sr. Practice Transformation Specialist 

Natasha has seven years of experience supporting numerous organizations, helping them to improve their data reporting capabilities, care coordination, operational workflows, and to achieve significant savings. Full Bio

Kristy Kole

Kristy Kole >>

Practice Transformation Specialist

Kristy has 25 years of experience supporting practice operations across the industry, from billing to compliance, with a proven record of improving revenue streams, workflow processes and quality initiative outcomes.

Full Bio

Mitzi Young

Mitzi Young >>

Associate Director
Practice Strategies 

Mitzi has nearly 30 years of experience supporting practices with practice management, practice operations, medical billing and coding, contracting, accreditation and personnel management. Full Bio

Graciela Garcia Arana

Graciela Garcia Arana

Practice Transformation Specialist

Gracie has 10 years of experience in the health care industry. She has notable experience in optimizing health centers’ objectivesFull Bio

Marlisa Hall, MPH

Marlisa Hall, MPH

Practice Transformation Specialist

Marlisa has seven years of experience in the health care industry. Prior to her role as a practice transformation specialist, she worked as a hospital patient experience ambassador.Full Bio