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As government and the insurance industry continue their quest to control health care, your clinical autonomy is in jeopardy. Now more than ever, you need to fight and advocate to keep medical decisions in your well-trained hands.

Fortunately, you do not have to wage the fight alone. Successful legislative advocacy depends upon an integrated approach, consisting of lobbying, grassroots activity and political action through the California Medical Association's (CMA) California Medical Association Political Action Committee (CALPAC). 

Operated by physicians for physicians, CALPAC supports hundreds of candidates for state and federal office who share CMA's philosophy and vision of the future of health care and medical practice.

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CALPAC Officers

Susan Kaweski, M.D.
Sion Roy, M.D.
Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D.
Vimal Nanavati, M.D.

CALPAC Board of Directors

Ruth E. Haskins, M.D (District 1)
Luther Cobb, M.D., FACS (District 2)
George G. Paz, M.D. (District 3)
James F. Schlund, M.D (District 4)
Ramin Manshadi, M.D. (District 5)
Lee T. Snook, M.D., FACP (District 6)
Jeffrey A. Poage, M.D. (District 7)
Hemant Dhingra, M.D (District 8)
Katrina D. Peters, M.D., MPH (District 9)
Basil R. Besh, M.D (District 10)
George A. Fouras, M.D. (District 11)
Vincent R. Mason, M.D. (District 12)
Alexander Ding, M.D. (District 13)
Robert D. Allen, M.D. (District 14)
Eric R. Hansen, D.O. (District 16)
Paul T. Urrea, M.D., MPH, FACS (District 18)
Colleen Copelan, M.D. (District 19)
Guillermo Valenzuela, M.D. (District 20)
Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D. (District 21)
Peter S. Richman, M.D. (District 22)
David A. Friscia, M.D. (District 23)
Emil Avanes, M.D. (District 24)
Hector Flores, M.D. (District 25)
William Averill, M.D. (District 26)
C. Freeman, M.D., MBA (District 27)
Delmer W. Henninger, M.D. (District 28)
Edward A. Hess, M.D. (District 29)
Richard S. Baker, M.D. (District 30)
Melanie S. Crane, M.D. (District 31)
Felix Nunez, M.D. (District 32)
Jinha M. Park, M.D., Ph.D. (District 33)
Christopher Celio, M.D. (District 34)
Lemmon McMillan III, M.D. (District 35)
Nikan Khatibi, D.O. (District 36)
Diana E. Ramos, M.D., MPH (District 37)
Mihir Y. Parikh, M.D. (District 38)
Mark W. Sornson, M.D. (District 39)
Vimal I. Nanavati, M.D., FACC (District 40)


Micah Scheindlin
Senior Director, Center for Political Operations
(916) 551-2570
Yna Shimabukuro
Senior Director, Center for Political Operations
(916) 444-5532
Nathan Skadsen
Political Action Committee Coordinator
(916) 551-2078


David A. Coy, M.D.

David H. Aizuss, M.D., FACS

Dustin Corcoran

Richard K. Freeman, M.D.

Jay S. Joseph, M.D..

Susan Kaweski, M.D.

Theodore Marc Mazer, M.D..

Lee T. Snook, Jr., M.D., FACP

Tanya Spiritos, M.D.

James J. Strebig M.D., J.D.

Robert Eugene Wailes, M.D., JD

Kent R. Adamson, M.D.

Karrar H. Ali, D.O., MPH

Karrar H. Ali, D.O., MPH

Robert D. Allen, M.D.

Peter G. Anderson, M.D.

Patricia L. Austin, M.D.

William K. Averill, M.D.

Marti F. Baum, M.D.

Scott Benninghoven, M.D.

Rodney W. Borger, M.D.

Kenneth S. Blumenfeld, M.D.

Jeffrey C. Brackett, M.D.

J. Brennan Casssidy, M.D.

Amber Leighan Chatwin, M.D.

Lawrence C. Cheung, M.D., FAAD, FASDS

Jack Chou, M.D.

Caleb Perry Chu, M.D.

Coleen Copelan, M.D.

Hemant Dhingra, M.D.

John L. Digges, M.D., PhD, MPH

Roger S. Eng, M.D., FACR, M.P.H.

Sergio R. Flores, M.D.

George A. Fouras, M.D., DFAPA

Lawrence R. Frank, M.D., FACP

C. Freeman, M.D., MBA, FAPA

David A. Friscia, M.D., MBA

Gordon L. Fung, M.D. PhD

Dev A. GnanDev, M.D.

Ruth E. Haskins, M.D.

James T. Hay, M.D.

Standiford Helm, II, M.D.

Robert E. Hertzka, M.D.

Paul Heygi

John E. Hipskind, M.D., FACEP

Nathaniel Howard Jr., M.D.

Margaret M. Juarez, M.D.

Susan Kaweski, M.D.

Nikan H. Khatibi, D.O.

Mark H. Kogan, M.D.

Themla Z. Korpman, M.D.

James C. MacMillan, M.D.

Ramin Manshadi, M.D.

Kelly A. McCue, M.D.

Vimal I Nanavati, M.D., FACC

John C. Nelson, M.D.

Mihir Y. Parikh, M.D.

George G. Paz, M.D.

Katrina D. Peters, M.D., MPH

Jeffrey Alan Poage, M.D., FAAP

Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D., FAAP

Albert Ray, M.D.

Dennis A. Rhyne, M.D.

Suresh K. Sachdeva, M.D.

R. Sankaram, M.D.

James H. Schultz, Jr., M.D., MBA, FAAFP

Francisco Silva, Esq.

Mark W. Sornson, M.D., Ph.D

Mike Steenburgh

Karl E. Steinberg, M.D., FAAFP

Satinder Swaroop, M.D., FACC, FACP

Ronald C. Thurston, M.D.

Paul Bennett Yost, M.D.

CALPAC is a voluntary political organization that contributes to candidates for state and federal office who share our philosophy and vision of the future of medicine.  Political law and CALPAC policy determines how your contribution to CALPAC is allocated.  CMA will not favor or disadvantage anyone based on the amounts of or failure to make PAC contributions, nor will it affect your membership status with the CMA.  Contributions to PAC’s are voluntary and not limited to the suggested amounts.

Contributions are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes.

Contributions made in error may be refunded within thirty (30) days by contacting CALPAC at (800)CALPAC-9.

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