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The California Medical Association (CMA) boasts some of the best advocates and lawyers in the Capitol - but YOU are the most powerful advocate.

As someone who serves on the front lines of health care delivery, elected officials and policymakers need to hear your voice to make informed policy, legislation and regulations. And you don't need to be a political expert to make an impact - CMA makes it fun and easy so click on any of the campaigns below to get started!


Physician Advocate

Advocate for your patients, the practice of medicine and public health.



SB 1238 Roth 

This legislation would increase provider administrative burdens for minimal benefit to patients.



Strengthen your political voice and protect the practice of medicine.



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Receive bi-weekly updates on important legislation affecting health care.




CMA's Physician Guide to Influencing Health Policy
Connect with lawmakers and promote the issues you care about most.

Become a Social Media Ambassador
Harness the power of social media to connect with your colleagues and protect the future of medicine.

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