Year in Review

Year in Review

The California Medical Association (CMA) works tirelessly on behalf of its nearly 50,000 members to support physician-led advocacy from legislation and policy-making to regulatory and legal affairs to practice management and reimbursement assistance.

2020 was unlike any other year in CMA’s 164-year history. As an association largely founded during a cholera outbreak, we quickly rose to the challenge and shifted all gears to help physician members, elected officials and policymakers navigate the COVID-19 crisis. This year's achievements include:


CMA's Top 10 Highlights for 2020


Advised the state’s development of executive orders and laws to ensure physicians could respond to the pandemic, including on telehealth policy, regulatory waivers and public health officer safety.
Secured more than $100 billion in financial assistance to physician practices in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and an additional $75 billion to the HHS Provider Relief Fund in the COVID-19 “Interim Economic Relief” bill.
Protected Proposition 56 funding (tobacco tax revenues) in the state budget, including $57 million for physician loan repayment and $38 million for graduate medical education programs.
Distributed more than 60 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to more than 8,000 physician practices statewide.
Convened virtual grand rounds on COVID-19 topics, including transmission, schools re-opening, testing and vaccines.
Created a new COVID-19 website with daily updates, toolkits, webinars and other resources for physicians.
Sponsored a new ban on flavored tobacco products that will save lives, as well as limit Big Tobacco’s ability to target children and communities of color.
Amended CMA’s mission statement to include health equity.
Continued our court fight to protect the Affordable Care Act.
Helped shape a federal surprise billing ban that includes baseball-style arbitration to resolve disputes between physicians and payors.

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