Virtual Grand Rounds

The California Medical Association (CMA), in partnership with the California Department of Public Health, is hosting a monthly and virtual grand rounds series that focuses on emerging public health issues. Originally focused on COVID-19 and related topics, our Virtual Grand Rounds will now cover a variety of public health topics, including COVID-19 and other emerging issues impacting the health of California's communities.

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Recorded Webinar Videos

Please note that CME credit is not available for recordings.

If you are unable to join any of the live webinars, they will be posted here for on-demand playback. You can also see CMA's full on-demand webinar library here.

Virtual Grand Rounds: Gender-Affirming Care

Virtual Grand Rounds: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Virtual Grand Rounds: Black Health in California - Moving Towards Equity

Virtual Grand Rounds: New Weight Loss Medications - Panacea or Pandora's Box

Virtual Grand Rounds: California's Mental Health Landscape and Brief Interventions to Empower Front-Line Clinicians

Virtual Grand Rounds: The CARE Act

Virtual Grand Rounds: A Surge in Silicosis - Not Just Miner's Lung

Virtual Grand Rounds: Opioid Treatments - Practical Guidance for Clinicians

Virtual Grand Rounds: Update on Communicable Disease in Schools

Virtual Grand Rounds: Infectious Disease Updates from CDPH

Fentanyl and "Tranq" (Xylazine) - Emerging Threats in Illicit Drug Use

Long COVID and the Brain: Neurological and Psychological Impacts of Long COVID

After the Public Health Emergency: Post-COVID Clinical Care

The Changing Landscape of Reproductive Health - What Clinicians Need to Know

COVID-19 Therapeutics - How and When to Treat for COVID-19

COVID, RSV and Flu - Updates on the "Tripledemic"

Updates of Emerging Viruses: COVID-19, MPX and Enterovirus, Including Polio


COVID-19 Updates and the Health Implications of Wildfire Smoke


COVID-19 Updates and Cardiac Manifestations of Long COVID


COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: Pediatric Vaccines and New Vaccine Technology


Updates in COVID-19 and Monkeypox


Updates in COVID-19 and Novel Surveillance Methods


Pediatric COVID and Vaccines, and Variants Overseas


Long COVID - What is it and What are the Symptoms?


COVID-19 and Omicron


COVID-19 Therapeutics





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