CMA Staff

CMA's success is measured in our ability to advocate on behalf of our physician members and their patients with legislators, policymakers, health care stakeholders and media. Explore CMA’s Physician Advocacy Centers and the staff that manage them.

Senior Staff

Dustin Corcoran, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Lance R. Lewis, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Alecia Sanchez

Chief Strategy Officer

Jamie Ostroff

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Janice Rocco

Chief of Staff


Senior Vice President

Alicia Wagnon

Vice President of Patient Safety and Innovation

Shannan Velayas

Vice President, Political Operations

David Ford

Vice President, Health Information Technology

Mike Steenburgh

Vice President, Centers for Membership, Marketing and Component Relations

Elizabeth McNeil

Vice President, Center for Federal Government Relations

Jodi Black

Vice President, Center for Economic Services

Michelle Chapanian

Vice President, Center for Governance and Business Administration

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz

Vice President, Continuing Medical Education

Organizational Structure

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