Alicia Wagnon

Vice President of Patient Safety and Innovation

Deputy General Counsel

Director of Corporate Affairs

Alicia Wagnon is Vice President of Patient Safety and Innovation, Deputy General Counsel, and Director of Corporate Affairs for the California Medical Association. She has had a decades-long career as an advocate for physicians of California, from private practice defending physicians in medical professional negligence cases to providing legal support and information to CMA physician members and medical society executives on matters impacting the practice of medicine in California. Since joining CMA in 2008, Alicia has managed all contracts for the organization, as well as protection of CMA’s brand assets and support of CMA’s governance structure.

Alicia has provided leadership and expertise defending California’s gold standard medical liability reforms (the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act, or MICRA) in the courts, in the legislature and in initiative campaigns. Alicia was at the table as a primary negotiator and author of AB 35, the MICRA Modernization legislation of 2022. Building off of the patient safety advances made in AB 35, Alicia now leads CMA’s efforts to bring Collaborative Just Culture and Collaborative High Reliability across the continuum of health care in California and beyond.

Alicia received her bachelor's degree from University of California at Davis, and her juris doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law. (LinkedIn)



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