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Medical staffs across California continue to face challenges, including threats to self-governance, increasing regulatory burdens of EMTALA, reductions in reimbursement, and ability to provide quality care with decreasing financial resources. 

The CMA Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) represents California hospital medical staffs and advocates for strong medical staff self-governance and quality patient care. OMSS membership supports legislative advocacy, policy development and legal action on medical staff issues. JOIN TODAY!

OMSS Annual Assembly

The 2022 OMSS Assembly and Education Conference will be held Friday, October 21, 2022, in Los Angeles at the Marriott LA Live. All OMSS member hospitals are invited to attend.

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CMA Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Check out CMA's COVID-19 resources for breaking news, physician toolkits on telehealth, financial assistance and employment issues, FAQs on the latest developments; and other resources to help physicians navigate the pandemic. Medical staffs may be especially interested in the following resources:

OMSS Executive Board

The OMSS Executive Board is responsible for the planning and oversight of activities and reports to the House of Delegates and to the Board of Trustees.

Vimal Nanavati, M.D.
Steve Kmucha, M.D.
Matthew Vo, M.D.
Raman Poola, M.D.
Catherine Ferguson, M.D.
Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D.

OMSS Executive Board members are elected by the designated OMSS representatives at the annual OMSS Assembly in October. To learn how you can be elected, please contact medstaffhelp@cmadocs.org.

Need Help?

Reach your dedicated OMSS service representative at (800) 786-4262 or medstaffhelp@cmadocs.org.

Discussion Forum

Looking to connect with your colleagues? Head over to the OMSS forum today! 

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