CMA publishes November 2022 physician voter guide

Mail-in-ballots for the November 8, 2022, California General Election will soon arrive in the mail. We hope that you will mail in your ballot or show up to the polls to help ensure the voices of phys...

CMA President-Elect underscores health disparities among Hispanics on National Latino Physician Day

In conjunction with Latinx Physicians of California, and in recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month and National Latino Physician Day, California Medical Association (CMA) President-Elect, Do...

Gov. Newsom vetoes dangerous optometrist scope bill after hundreds of physicians speak up

Governor Newsom yesterday vetoed a dangerous bill (AB 2236) that would have allowed optometrists to perform eye surgeries that require use of a scalpel or an injection and "anterior segment lasers” i...

Cigna will not move forward with implementation of its modifier 25 policy

Cigna has advised CMA and AMA that it does not plan to move forward with implementation of this policy at this time.

Governor signs CMA bill to protect patients and the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship

Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1636 today, sponsored by the California Medical Association (CMA) and authored by Assemblymember Akilah Weber, M.D.

Bill introduced in Congress to stabilize Medicare for physicians and patients

Due to a confluence of statutory and budget neutrality payment cuts, physicians face more than 8.42% in Medicare payment cuts in 2021. This bill would stop 4.42% of the cuts related to budget neutral...

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