DHCS announces delay to Medi-Cal Rx implementation

DHCS last week announced it would delay implementation of the Medi-Cal Rx program to give the agency time to review new conflict avoidance protocols submitted by Magellan Health, Inc., the project’s ...

California COVID-19 relief package allows PPP deductions of up to $150k

The new California agreement will allow companies who received a PPP loan to deduct up to $150,000 in expenses paid for by those PPP funds.

Californians under 65 with severe health conditions can be vaccinated beginning March 15 

Californians under 65 who are deemed to be at the very highest risk for morbidity and mortality as a direct result of one or more severe health conditions or high-risk disabilities will be eligible t...

CMA demands TRPN immediately cease illegal $15 check scheme

The California Medical Association (CMA) has been made aware of a deceptive business practice by TRPN Direct Pay, Inc. (TRPN) in the form of a $15 check being delivered to California physician practi...

Take Action: Urge lawmakers to help businesses impacted by COVID-19

CMA is urging physicians to contact the governor and their legislators to urge immediate action to bring California’s tax treatment of PPP loans into conformity with federal tax laws.

CMA urges regulators to investigate payors impeding access to rapid COVID-19 tests

CMA  has asked DMHC and CDI to investigate concerns that some payors are shifting the financial risk of critical COVID-19 diagnostic testing to physicians on the front lines caring for their patients...

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