Register now for CMA's Health IT Conference May 22, 2023, in Sacramento

Ahead of CMA's  first-ever Health IT Conference happening in Sacramento on May 22 , CMA VP of Health IT David Ford sat down with Healthcare IT Today’s CIO Podcast, to preview the event. CMA's Health ...

CMA applauds President Biden’s new action to reduce gun violence and protect communities

In response to President Joe Biden’s visit to Monterey Park to announce an Executive Order to increase background checks on gun sale

CMA congratulates Diana Ramos, M.D., on her confirmation as California Surgeon General

Donaldo Hernandez, M.D., the President of the California Medical Association, issued a statement following the state senate’s confirmation of Diana Ramos, M.D., as California Surgeon General.

What physicians need to know about the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency

CMA has published a guide  to help physicians navigate the end of the state’s emergency authority.

#CMAVoices: Share your story to improve Medi-Cal access

Add your voice now to help CMA explain why we must improve access for Medi-Cal beneficiaries in a sustainable manner.  

CMA sponsors bill to reform the broken prior authorization process

When insurance companies get between patients and physicians, patients get sicker and health care becomes more expensive.

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