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The California Medical Association (CMA) is developing the country’s most comprehensive physician wellness program. Physician burnout levels are reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, with sweeping repercussions for the nation’s health care delivery system. CMA’s wellness program (CMA Wellness) will encompass a broad scope of services to help medical groups and physicians address systemic contributors to burnout and provide personal, confidential support for at-risk physicians.

Wellness and professional satisfaction do not just impact the individual physician. Studies have found that burnout can erode quality of care, patient safety, physician retention rates and patient satisfaction. Physician well-being is a critical factor in maintaining access to care and the quality of our health care system.

CMA Wellness will work with medical group leaders to provide organizational support and strategies to address drivers of burnout – with results in measurable improvements. CMA will also provide the knowledge base, confidential guidance and analytical resources to create and maintain a culture of wellness.

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