2018 - 2019 Council and Committee Openings

The California Medical Association’s (CMA) Board of Trustees is seeking applications or nominations for members interested and willing to serve on CMA's councils and committees for 2018-19. Appointments begin and expire at the conclusion of the House of Delegates in October, and current members eligible for reappointment must submit a new application for the 2018-19 term.

Council and committees meet as needed—up to four times per year via teleconference with potentially one in-person meeting.

Selection Criteria

The Committee on Nominations contacts each council/subcommittee chair to evaluate their respective committee members. Component Medical Societies may also contact the committee chair about a committee member’s performance so that the component society’s board has the necessary information about a committee member’s performance/contribution on a committee before approving the re-nomination.


Please note that current members who are eligible for reappointment must submit an application for the 2018-2019 term. If you submitted an application last year and there are no changes, CMA can pull the previous year’s application upon request. Endorsements do not carry over; you must have any nominations or endorsements resubmitted.

County Medical Society can submit nominations with or without endorsements. Nominees need not be endorsed by the County Medical Society. All endorsements must be stated explicitly. Please verify the nominees’ willingness to serve, if selected, prior to submitting the nomination. Also, if more than one candidate is submitted for a particular committee, please indicate order of preference.

All Nominations must include:

  • Completed Application/Nomination Form
  • CV (less than 5 pages)
  • Statement of Interest




Navdeep Dhaliwal


CMA Governance 

1201 K Street, Suite 800

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 551-2073



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