Ethnic Medical Organization Section

The California Medical Association's (CMA) Ethnic Medical Organization Section (EMOS) facilitates communications and participation of California’s diverse ethnic physicians to address their unique challenges, promote diversity, inclusion and equity at all levels of medicine, and advocate for culturally responsive medical care.

EMOS strives to ensure that the needs of ethnic physicians and the diverse communities they serve are reflected in CMA’s general policy, advocacy and engagement activities. To accomplish this, EMOS has a seat on CMA’s Board of Trustees, Council on Legislation and House of Delegates.


2019 Officers

James Washington, III, M.D.
Sudeep Kukreja, M.D.
Vice Chair 
Randy Pham, M.D., FACS
C. Freeman, M.D., FAPA, MBA
Margaret Juarez, M.D.
Delegate #1
Hanna Rhee, M.D.
Delegate #2
Anna Yap, M.D.
Delegate #1
Christopher Chen, M.D.
Delegate #2

Discussion Forum

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