Nominations open for 2024-25 CMA councils and committees

CMA is seeking recommendations for physicians who are interested in and willing to serve on its standing 

Physician practices still struggling with fallout from Change cyberattacks, latest AMA survey finds

Physician practices are still in crisis and continue to experience issues with multiple operations due to the Change Healthcare cyberattack, according to the AMA's most recent follow-up survey on the...

Voter signatures submitted to qualify CMA’s initiative for the November ballot

The California Medical Association and the Coalition to Protect Access to Care, a broad and diverse group of health care organizations, have submitted enough signatures to qualify a statewide ballot ...

Tell your legislators to support AB 2164 to reduce stigma for physicians who seek mental health care

Contact your legislator TODAY and consider sharing your personal experiences or stories about the importance of seeking mental health care.

#CMAVoices: Share your story about prior authorization

CMA urges physicians to continue to share stories about the harms of prior authorization delays.

#CMAVoices: Share your story to improve Medi-Cal access

Add your voice now to help CMA explain why we must improve access for Medi-Cal beneficiaries in a sustainable manner.  

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