Our week 6 Trivia Tuesday winner is...

June 28, 2024

Congratulations to Man-Kit Leung, M.D., this week’s winner of CMA's Trivia Tuesday challenge, successfully answering the week 6 trivia question: When were women first eligible to join CMA?

Answer: 1876

In 1876, the California Legislature passed the Act to Regulate the Practice of Medicine in the State of California, requiring each of the state medical societies (for regular physicians, osteopaths, and homeopaths) to create boards of examiners to license its respective practitioners. If CMA had to, in effect, license a qualified woman to practice, how could it not accept them as members? That year, five San Francisco women applied to CMA for membership and were accepted, with CMA President Alexander B. Nixon, M.D., casting the tie-breaking vote. Those first women members were Drs. Euthanasia Meade, Charlotte Blake Brown, Elizer Pfeifer Stone, S.E. Brown. and [probably Martha] Bucknell. 

Did you miss our recent Trivia Tuesday series? Watch for another batch of Trivia Tuesday questions in just a few months! 

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