Our week 5 Trivia Tuesday winner is...

June 21, 2024

Congratulations to Lisa Asta, M.D., this week’s winner of CMA's Trivia Tuesday challenge, successfully answering the week 5 trivia question: Who was the first president of the Medical Society of the State of California?

Answer: Dr. Benjamin Franklin Keene

The CMA presidency had a rocky start when Dr. Keene died just a few months after taking office. Dr. Keene, who also represented El Dorado County in the state Senate, is buried today in Placerville. His gravestone was restored by CMA by action of the 52nd House of Delegates in 1923. His great, great grandson, D. J. Harper Gaston, M.D., an internist and cardiologist, would later become a member of CMA. He was a Permanente Medical Group physician for more than 20 years in Northern California.

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