Council on Legislation

The CMA Council on Legislation formulates policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding positions on legislation pending in the State Legislature that impact physicians and the practice of medicine in California.

The Council on Legislation consist of at least nine (9) but not more than fifteen (15) at-large members, a representative of each specialty society recognized by the CMA House of Delegates, a representative of each CMA District, a representative of each CMA Mode of Practice Forum, a representative of the Golden State Medical Association, a representative of the Organized Medical Staff Section, a representative of the Young Physicians Section, a representative of the Ethnic Medical Organization Section, a representative of the Resident and Fellow Section, and the following ex-officio members with a vote: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Speaker of the House, Vice-Speaker of the House, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees, Chair of CALPAC, President and Legislative Chair of the Alliance, Representative of the Medical Executives Conference and Medical Student Representative.


Valencia Walker, M.D.


Los Angeles

Kelly A. McCue, M.D.




Year-Round Resolutions

Shape the next generation of CMA policy by submitting and voting on resolutions year-round.

2017 - 2018 Members


Toluwalase Ajayi, M.D.
San Diego, At-Large
Yen Truong, M.D.
San leandro, At-Large
Sudeep Kukreja, M.D.
Orange, At-Large
David Lerman, M.D.
Pasadena, At-Large
Beth Griffiths, M.D.
Oakland, At-Large
Michael Luszczak, D.O.
Carmichael, At-Large
Anthony Magit, M.D.
San Diego, At-Large
Eric Hansen, D.O.
Hesperia, At-Large
George Fouras, M.D.
San Francisco, At-Large
Pratima Gupta, M.D.
San Francisco, At-Large
Thomas Sugarman, M.D.
Berkeley, At-Large
Paul Yost, M.D.
Seal Beach, At-Large
Alexander Quick, M.D.
San Diego, District I
Melanie Crane, M.D.
Riverside, District II
Nikan Khatibi, D.O.
Laguna Niguel, District III
Samuel Miles, M.D.
Los Angeles, District IV
Colleen Copelan, M.D.
Camarillo, District V
Amir Fathi, M.D.
Fresno, District VI
Chul Kyun Park, M.D.
Santa Clara, District VII
Steven Fugaro, M.D.
San Francisco, District VIII
James Hanson, M.D.
Oakland, District IX
Brad Drexler, M.D.
Heraldsburg, District X
Kuldip Sandhu, M.D.
Carmichael, District XI
Zarah Iqbal, M.D.
San Francisco
Resident & Fellow Section
Michelle Caughey, M.D.
Very Large Group Practice Forum
Michelle Tom, M.D.
Laguna Hills
Large Group Practice Forum
Alexander Ding, M.D.
Medium-Size Group Practice Forum
Sharon Yegiaian, M.D.
Solo & Small Group Practice Forum
Sumanta Chaudhuri Saini, M.D.
Academic Practice Forum
Terry Hill, M.D.
Administrative Medicine Practice Forum
Mary Jess Wilson, M.D.
Government-Employed Practice Forum
Hospital-Based Practice Forum
Katrina Peters, M.D.
Golden State Medical Association
Melvyn Sterling, M.D.
Organized Medical Staff Section
Sion Roy, M.D.
Santa Monica
Young Physicians Section
Toni Chavis, M.D.
Ethnic Medical Organization Section
Susanne Jackson
CMA Alliance Representative
James Strebig, M.D.
CALPAC Board Chair
Trevor Cline
Medical Student Representative


Staff Coordinator


Janus Norman
(916) 444-5532

 Brandon Marchy
 (916) 444-5532


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