Council on Ethical, Legal and Judicial Affairs

CMA's Council on Ethical, Legal and Judicial Affairs studies evolving social and philosophical trends and issues that are of immediate or long-term concern to the medical profession, with emphasis on medical ethics, bio-ethics and attendant areas.

The Council functions as an appellate body for the purpose of hearing and deciding appeals of disciplinary actions taken by component medical societies; is responsible for interpreting CMA's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws in any issue or dispute referred by the Board of Trustees (BOT) or the House of Delegates (HOD); and is responsible for enforcing CMA’s conflict of interest policy.

The Council also provides oversight of the Subcommittee on Professional Liability and serves as a reference committee for the HOD if and when an issue of business has been assigned by the Speaker and the Committee of Delegation Chairs. These responsibilities include studying, soliciting testimony and making recommendations to the BOT on submitted resolutions in its issue areas.

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