Medical Student Section

CMA's Medical Student Section (MSS) offers the next generation of physician leadership the chance to shape the future of medicine. CMA supports physicians-in-training by offering free membership and encouraging participation in all levels of the organization.

Your elected MSS representatives are charged with representing the interests of California medical students within the House of Medicine, while promoting the betterment of post-graduate training and quality patient care. MSS members have access to Group Discussions and Documents under "My Account" in the "My CMA" section.



Jonathan You
Kimberly Lau
Vice Chair of Policy
California Northstate University
Kylee Borger
Vice Chair of Legislative Affairs
California University of Science and Medicine
Ami Hayashi
Vice Chair of Chapter Development
Karen Chung
Vice Chair of CMA Relations
UC Davis
Serah Yim
Vice Chair of Events
UC Irvine
Mary Unanyan
Vice Chair of Communications
Western University of Health Sciences
Christina Wang
CMA MSS Trustee
UC San Francisco

Staff Coordinator

Alexis Rodriguez
(916) 551-2864

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