Council on Membership, Governance and Bylaws

The CMA Council on Membership, Governance and Bylaws studies and makes recommendations concerning CMA membership, governance and bylaws issues.

The Council on Membership, Governance and Bylaws also serves as a reference committee of the House of Delegates (HOD) if and when an issue of House business has been assigned to it by the Speaker and the Committee of Delegation Chairs. These responsibilities shall include studying, soliciting testimony and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees on submitted resolutions in its issue areas.

2019 Council Roster

Holly Yang, M.D.
San Diego
Katrina Saba, M.D.
Vice Chair
Jerry Abraham, M.D.
Los Angeles
Patricia Austin, M.D.
Walnut Creek
Shah Azmoon, M.D.
Rancho Cucamonga
Thomas Badin, M.D.
Santa Ana
Roger Eng, M.D.
San Francisco
John Ganey, M.D.
Rancho Cucamonga
Eric R. Hansen, D.O.
Lubna Hasanain, M.D.
Walnut Creek
Alexandra Iacob, M.D.
Loma Linda
David Li
R. Bob Sankaram, M.D.
Anna Yap, M.D.
Loma Linda
Joe Greaves


Year-Round Resolutions

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