Council on Science and Public Health

The CMA Council on Science and Public Health studies and makes recommendations concerning public health (e.g. infectious disease, immunizations, tobacco control, substance abuse, environmental contaminants, etc.) and scientific/clinical issues.

The Council on Science and Public Health also serves as a reference committee of the House of Delegates if and when an issue of House business has been assigned to it by the Speaker and the Committee of Delegation Chairs. These responsibilities shall include studying, soliciting testimony and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees on submitted resolutions in its issue areas.


2017 - 2018 Council Roster


Donald Lyman, M.D.
Robert Oldham, M.D.
Vice Chair
Randy Bergen, M.D.
Walnut Creek
Lawrence Cheung, M.D.
San Francisco
Felice Gersh, M.D.
Laura Halpin, M.D.
Playa Del Rey
Robert Hardy, M.D.
Walnut Creek
Janet Jacobson, M.D.
Philipp Lippe, M.D.
San Jose
Michael Lubrano, M.D.
San Anselmo
Timothy Murphy, M.D.
Jessica Nunez de Ybarra, M.D.
Katrina Peters, M.D.
Cindy Russell
Mountain View
Sayone Thihalolipavan, M.D.
San Diego
Sophia Yang
Dana Goba
Medical Executives Conference
Santa Barbara


Year-Round Resolutions

Shape the next generation of CMA policy by submitting and voting on resolutions year-round.

Staff Coordinator

Samantha Pellon
(916) 444-5532

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