Q2 Resolutions Open for Testimony

February 07, 2024

As part of its policy-making process, the California Medical Association (CMA) allows members to submit resolutions for debate and discussion throughout the year. Once a resolution has been accepted, any member can submit testimony, which will be considered by the councils as they make policy recommendations.

Resolutions that have been accepted as business and are accepting testimony for Q2 include:

  • 106-23 Adding the Environmental to the Social Determinants of Health
  • 107-23 Developing and Utilizing Patient Health Questionnaires that Uncover Social and Environmental Health Risks
  • 110-23 Reducing harm from Alcohol and Funding Medi-Cal Access
  • 203-23 Encouraging New Features in Electronic Health Records to Promote Prevention and Public Health
  • 204-23 The Attempt to Fully Privatize Medicare Must be Stopped
  • 502-23 Supporting Survivor Health, Safety, and Autonomy
  • 601-24 Supporting Access to OB Services for All Californians

The Q2 testimony period will be open through March 1, 2024, at cmadocs.org/resolutions

Resolutions available for testimony that will not be business in Q2 are:

  • 101-24 Removing Artificial Turf in Schools, Parks and Public Spaces
  • 102-24 Prevention of Silicosis in the Manufacturer & Processing of Stone
  • 103-24 Guidelines Restricting Cell Phones in K-12 Education in California
  • 201-24 Enhancing Patient Transportation for Underserved Communities
  • 501-24 Policy for Reducing Physician Mistreatment in Healthcare Settings
  • 502-24 Hate Speech is a Public Health Threat


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