CE Educator’s Toolkit

November 13, 2023

The continuing education (CE) Educators Toolkit is designed to provide educators with various resources and tools to enhance the quality of their continuing medical education (CME) programs. It includes best practices and guidelines to assist in the design and delivery of CE in a manner that fosters a practical and active learning approach. The toolkit aims to support educators in improving the delivery of medical education and ensuring that health care professionals receive up-to-date and relevant training. The toolkit approaches education in the form of three interventions. The interventions can be delivered independently or can be integrated and delivered as part of a larger activity such as a conference or longitudinal program.

Within this robust toolkit you will find many ways to improve the way CME is taught. An example is “How to make a learning objective actionable.”

  1. Target – Whom is the learning objective directed toward?
  2. Action – What is the behavior or attitude change required?
  3. Context – Where is the behavior or attitude change taking place?
  4. Time – What is the time frame to demonstrate behavior or attitude change?

TACT (target, action, context and time) is a mnemonic that refers to principles that can be used to structure your learning objective so that it clearly articulates the expected clinical behavior or attitude change. Creating an actionable learning objective is important to direct learners through CME and for facilitators to stay focused on the goals of CME. This is one of many examples of how the Educators Toolkit approaches education; a dive into this robust site of information will come at a great benefit.

Click here to download the toolkit and worksheet guide.


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