Preparing for Nov. 5 Hybrid House of Delegates

November 01, 2023

As a reminder, the Annual Session of the House of Delegates will convene as a half-day meeting, to be held on Sunday, November 5, from 3-6 p.m., via the Lumi virtual meeting platform, with an in-person attendance option in Sacramento.

While there will be an in-person attendance opportunity, all voting will be done virtually. Please carefully read the instructions below.

For those delegates and alternates joining us at the DoubleTree Sacramento, you may vote using any device that can access the internet, including a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Virtual attendees must use a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome, Edge or Firefox. NOTE: Mobile devices, tablets and other browsers are NOT supported for virtual attendees.

Due to the abbreviated nature of this hybrid meeting, consideration of the Major Issues Reports will be deferred to a future Interim Session of the House in early 2024, if the House elects to conduct an Interim Session. No action will be taken on the Major Issues at the November 5 meeting.

To access the abbreviated agenda, please click here. Additionally, a revised Rules Report has been created and posted online. The House will vote on these Rules at the start of the meeting.


  • Extractions of Actionable Reports (click here for the Extractions Portal)
    • Bylaws 1-23: Electronic Ballot Option for HOD Elections
    • HR 1-23: Merger and Consolidation of the Santa Cruz County Medical Society and the Monterey County Medical Society
  • Seating of Alternates: Deadline to make changes to your delegation roster

On Friday, November 3, delegates, alternates and guests will receive an email with their unique login and password information. Only delegates will receive voting privileges associated with their accounts. Download the Lumi user guide here for more information.

If you have any issues trying to log on, please contact the CMA Member Resource Center at memberservice@cmadocs.org or (800) 786-4262. Staff will be available on Sunday to assist.


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