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November 01, 2023

In a significant move toward enhancing health care and social services data exchange in California, the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) has designated nine Qualified Health Information Organizations (QHIOs). QHIOs play a fundamental role in the success of the Data Exchange Framework (DxF), effectively bridging gaps in California's data exchange infrastructure. These organizations will assist various health care and social service entities in creating and responding to information requests, obtaining test results, referrals, and admissions or discharge notifications.

DxF participants – including hospitals, medical groups and skilled nursing facilities – have the option to utilize QHIOs as intermediaries, or they may choose alternative methods that comply with the DxF's Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). See our Health Information Exchange (HIE) Guide for more information on the various options for health information exchange.

The designated QHIO Entities are:

  • Applied Research Works, Inc. (Cozeva)
  • Orange County Partners in Health-Health Information Exchange (OCPH-HIE)
  • Health Gorilla, Inc.
  • SacValley MedShare
  • Long Health, Inc.
  • San Diego Health Connect
  • Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES)
  • Serving Communities Health Information Organization (SCHIO)
  • Manifest MedEx

As we approach the January 2024 deadline, the QHIOs will be instrumental in shaping the future of health care in California, ensuring that all individuals have access to a more comprehensive and efficient health care network.

Mandatory Participation Deadline: Sign the Data Sharing Agreement today

Many health care entities across California, including general acute care hospitals, physician organizations, health care service plans and skilled nursing facilities, are required to begin exchanging health data by January 31, 2024. CalHHS encourages all mandatory participants to sign the DSA as soon as possible and prepare for modern data exchange through the use of a QHIO, other data exchange intermediaries or their own technology solutions. Sign the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA).

Apply for Round 3 Grant

The CalHHS Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) is offering grants to help physicians comply with the new data sharing requirements. California entities that have signed the DSA can apply to receive direct support for DxF implementation, with financial assistance ranging from $15,000 to $50,000, or more via enhanced funding to entities serving underserved communities. The Round 3 application window for the DxF grants is now open. Apply for a DSA Signatory Grant Now.

Find more DxF resources and important dates at cmadocs.org/dxf. Questions? Email DxFQuestions@cmadocs.org.


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