Q2 Year-Round Reports Available for Comment

April 10, 2023

View and comment on the Q2 reports from the Council on Science and Public Health and the Council on Medical Services here through April 24, 2023.

The Council on Ethical, Legal and Judicial Affairs is still working on the two assigned resolutions (501-22 and 501-23); the report will be available in Q3.

Resolutions considered in Q2 included:

  • 102-21: Restorative Justice Package for the Crack Cocaine Epidemic
  • 101-23: Providing Assistance to Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • 103-23: Advocating for Permanent Standard Time
  • 104-23: Access to Free Menstrual Health Products
  • 202-23: Coverage for Observation Services
  • (Moved to Q3)
    • 501-22: Involuntary Holds: Adult Patients Without Capacity, Without Mental Health Disorder
    • 501-23: The Medical Incapacity Hold – The Most Ethical Response to a Complex Clinical Problem

Resolution Submission
Submit resolutions for consideration to by clicking here or send an email to resolutions@cmadocs.org (guidelines found here).


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