On-demand Webinar: Medi-Cal Rx phased implementation plan

September 07, 2022

The California Medical Association (CMA) partnered with the California Primary Care Association and Magellan on a webinar to help physicians understand the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) phased implementation plan for Medi-Cal Rx. The one-hour webinar was recorded and is now available for on-demand playback.

Given systemwide issues in implementing the full pharmacy transition in January, DHCS decided to create a waiver to exempt the need to submit prior authorizations (PAs) for most drugs and removed drug utilization review (DUR) codes. Now that we are eight months into Medi-Cal Rx implementation, DHCS reinstated DUR codes on July 22 and plans to begin reinstating PAs for certain drug classes as soon as September 16.

During the webinar, Magellan provides an overview of the DHCS phased implementation plan for Medi-Cal Rx. They also touch on the current NDC/CDL list and overview of the CMM platform.

Watch the webinar here.


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