Take action on two of CMA’s priority oppose bills

August 23, 2022
Area(s) of Interest: Advocacy 

Please join the California Medical Association (CMA) in opposing two priority bills that are currently still under debate in the California Senate.

AB 1278 would create unnecessary administrative burdens

AB 1278 would increase administrative burdens in physician practices and divert time that should be spent providing health care to patients to administrative tasks. This ill-conceived bill would require a physician to produce a written notice every two years about the Open Payments Database and obtain patient signatures acknowledging receipt of said notice.

Please joining us in telling legislators that AB 1278  will reduce the time physicians are able to spend with their patients.

Click here to take action on AB 1278. (Sample letter provided.)

AB 2236 would unsafely expand optometrists’ scope of practice

AB 2236 would authorize optometrists to perform surgical procedures on a patient's eye with scalpels and lasers, even though they lack the training to safely do so.

However, the bill does NOT require adequate training to assure competency of candidates who would be certified to perform these procedures, and actually has loopholes that undermine the training requirements of the bill. 

Please join us in telling legislators that AB 2236 will expose patients to unnecessary health risks by allowing such procedures to be performed by optometrists who are not adequately trained to perform surgeries or procedures with lasers or scalpels. 

Click here to take action on AB 2236. (Sample letter provided.)

CMA appreciates your voice in opposing these measures.




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