Statement: Medical professionals and facilities should always be off limit to attack

March 16, 2022

California Medical Association President Robert E. Wailes, M.D. issued the following statement in response to recent world events.

"Physicians take our Hippocratic oath – ‘do no harm’ – to heart. It is seared on our souls, and because of that, we commit our lives to healing patients, neighbors and communities.

Recent events demand that we reinforce the notion that nothing should be allowed to disrupt the physician-patient relationship and our ability to mend broken bones, prevent disease and cure ailments. And nowhere is this more critical than during times of war. 

Medical professionals and facilities should always be off limits to attack, so they can remain what they are: places where we heal, mend and repair survivors of the unthinkable.

Past is prologue, and it is time for us to finally learn valuable lessons from history. Restricting anyone’s access to essential health services is wrong."


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