Western States Regional Conference on Physicians’ Well-Being available free on-demand

August 26, 2021

For the past 33 years,  Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) has hosted its Western States Regional Conference on Physicians’ Well-Being to educate hospitals’ well-being committees and the medical staffs on issues related to well-being and to comply with Title 22 requirements. This year’s four-hour conference, held in July 2021, included sessions on aging physician assessments, physician monitoring, physician well-being committee legal requirements, a special presentation by William Prasifka, Executive Director of the Medical Board of California, and a panel discussion by the faculty addressing questions from the audience.

RCMA has made the conference recordings available to OMSS members. During the month of October, OMSS members may visit www.rcmadocs.org/omss to view these videos at no cost. 

If you would like to obtain the 4 hours of CME for these courses, there is a fee of $169 per person. The CME option will close on October 31, 2021, so we can conclude the CME requirements.  For additional information please contact Mar’kettia Hull at RCMA, (951) 686-3342, ext. 310, or mhull@rcmadocs.org


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