The Nocturnists podcast launches Part 2 of its Stories from a Pandemic series

June 22, 2021

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Medical Association’s (CMA) partner podcast The Nocturnists began gathering stories from health care workers on the frontlines. 

Between March and May of 2020, The Nocturnists collected hundreds of audio diaries from health care workers about the COVID-19 pandemic, which were used to produce the audio documentary storytelling series, Stories from a Pandemic.

One year later, The Nocturnists have launched the second installment of Stories from a Pandemic, which explores what the murky, middle part of the pandemic has been like for health care workers.

Stories from a Pandemic: Part 2 cultivates a selection of stories to prompt a more enduring meditation on fundamental questions that arose during a year of lockdown. What have we been learning from this extraordinary time? What processing do we still need to do? What kind of future can we imagine together?

Part 2 serves as a potent exploration of medical workers’ psyches during a time when the stress and expectations on both individuals and institutions has been difficult to adequately portray. The Nocturnists present these stories as seeds from which future visions of our health care system may grow; ways in which we may awaken ourselves to longstanding challenges and work toward shaping a more human-centered health care for us all.

New episodes are released each Tuesday through July 27, 2021. Listen and follow the Nocturnists on your favorite platform.




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