CALPAC-supported candidate and CMA legislative champion wins special election

March 10, 2021
Area(s) of Interest: Advocacy 

On March 2, 2021, Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager became Senator-elect Kamlager, winning a special election in Los Angeles with 68.7% of the vote. Fully supported by the California Medical Association (CMA) Political Action Committee (CALPAC), Kamlager had been a champion for physicians in the Assembly since her election in 2018, where she introduced CMA sponsored legislation strengthening the corporate bar, stood strong in support of vaccine policy, and sought to stop scope creep and support patient safety by voting no on AB 890.

CALPAC was a major financial supporter of Senator Kamlager, along with the CMA Independent Expenditure Committee. Electing legislators like Senator Kamlager who support CMA priorities is a crucial responsibility for CALPAC and a key component of CMA’s advocacy success. If you are not already a donor to CALPAC, please become one by clicking here to help us prepare for future elections like this.


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