Black Voices in Healthcare: A new audio documentary storytelling project

June 29, 2020

Tomorrow the California Medical Association’s partner podcast The Nocturnists will be releasing the first episode of a new audio documentary series Black Voices in Healthcare.

The Nocturnists created the series in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, recognizing that more needs to be done to create equity and erase racism in our society. The purpose of the series is to highlight the experiences of Black health care workers – their joys, sorrows and everything in between. The series will be hosted by San Francisco physician Ashley McMullen M.D., and executive produced by Georgia physician Kimberly Manning M.D., both Black physicians and leaders in the medical humanities.

“Power structures are not maintained by brute force, but by the silencing and controlling of the narratives of the oppressed,” said Dr. McMullen. “Stories are powerful. They can be used to erase, simplify, dehumanize, and subjugate. But they can also be used to empower, demystify, create empathy, and remind us of the beautiful, messy humanity that binds us to each other. If people in healthcare are going to engage each other in honest, vulnerable conversation about race, fostering these gut-level connections is essential.”

To date, the podcast has had over 150 Black health care workers sign up to participate. The series is still accepting more voices as they build a diverse a pool of audio diarists to elevate the stories of doctors, nurses, social workers, medical assistants, hospital chaplains and more.

Click here to learn more about the podcast or to submit your own story.


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