OMSS members get a free subscription to the California Physician’s Legal Handbook

January 24, 2020
Area(s) of Interest: California Physician's Legal Handbook 

Members of the California Medical Association Organized Medical Staff Section (CMA-OMSS) receive one free, online subscription to the California Physicians’ Legal Handbook (CPLH). Additional online subscriptions and print versions are also available.

An invaluable resource unlike any other, CPLH is the premier California health law publication comprehensive legal information, including current laws, regulations and court decisions related to the practice of medicine. It is updated yearly by CMA attorneys to include the most recent changes in health law. CPLH not only provides legal information to help physicians, medical office managers, risk management groups and legal practitioners understand and comply with the law, it also helps shape the law by approaching issues from a physician's perspective.

California’s premier health law publication, CPLH also includes information of particular interest to medical staffs, including:

  • Ten Strategies to Protect Quality Through Medical Staff Self-Governance
  • Disruptive Behavior Involving Members of the Medical Staff
  • Economic Credentialing and Exclusive Contracts
  • Exclusive Contracts
  • Hospital Medical Staff Incorporation (2009)
  • Legal Counsel for the Medical Staff Consistent or Conflicting Interests
  • Medical Staff Bylaws Analysis Service (2010)
  • Medical Staff Bylaws: A Binding Agreement to Protect Patient Care
  • Medical Staff Relationship with Hospital Board (Governing Body)
  • Medical Staff Self-Governance Policy and Law
  • Physician Well-Being Committees: Guidelines

To activate your free CPLH subscription, email medstaffhelp@cmadocs.org.


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