CMA publishes 2019 Legislative Wrap Up

October 29, 2019

California Medical Association (CMA) Senior Vice President of Government Relations Janus Norman has published his annual Legislative Wrap-Up, which provides an insider's take on what went down this legislative session. In it you will read about CMA’s proactive efforts to expand public health initiatives, reduce administrative burdens, increase physician reimbursements and strengthen the physician workforce.

CMA also this year continued its vigilant fight to protect the integrity of the medical profession. “CMA’s obligation to protect the integrity of the profession and the public trust in the physician community outweighed the fear of facing fierce, threatening opposition.” said Mr. Norman. “Courage to fight for patients, courage to fight for the betterment of the profession and courage to fight for the public’s health is why CMA is the most effective advocacy organization in the Golden State.”

CMA’s 2019 Legislative Wrap-Up, "Winning the Fights that Must Be Fought," provides more information on these fights and the many bills CMA followed this session.

The wrap-up is available to members only at cmadocs.org/leg-wrap-2019.


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