Reminder: Report unfair payment patterns to the regulator

September 06, 2019
Area(s) of Interest: Practice Management Payor Issues and Reimbursement 

In 2018, California Medical Association (CMA)-sponsored legislation AB 2674 was signed into law requiring the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) to review complaints filed by providers who believe a plan is engaging in an unfair payment pattern. Effective July 1, 2019, DMHC will annually review complaint data for possible unfair payment patterns allowing the department to initiate an audit or enforcement action when necessary.

The effectiveness of this new law depends on physicians and their office staff. CMA urges practices to closely monitor their accounts receivables to ensure that they have been paid properly and to report any violations to DMHC through its provider complaint portal or by calling the DHMC Help Center at (888) 466-2219.

For a summary of California's unfair payment practices law, see CMA’s "Know Your Rights: Identify and Report Unfair Payment Practices,”, which summarizes vital physician protections under California state law.

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Physicians are reminded that members have access to CMA’s practice management experts for free one-on-one help with contracting, billing and payment problems. Need assistance? Contact CMA's reimbursement helpline at (888) 401-5911 or email us.

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