12 ways to be a physician advocate

March 04, 2019
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Critical issues affecting today’s physicians are being decided in the legislative arena at a fast and furious pace. Health care reform, medical liability, and scope of practice are just a few of the vital issues being debated and voted on by elected officials in Sacramento.

The California Medical Association (CMA) has some of the best lobbyists, lawyers, and other advocates in the Capitol, but the most powerful weapon in advancing the cause of physicians and their patients is you. Below are 12 ways that YOU can be a physician advocate.

  1. Know Your Power
    Hearing from physicians with experience on the front lines of medicine in their community can make all the difference for a legislator contemplating a complicated health care issue.
  2. Sign Up for Call-to Action-Alerts
    Text “DocLobby” to 52886 to receive text action alerts, then download the members-only “CMADocs” mobile app to receive grassroots push notifications.
  3. Attend CMA’s Annual Legislative Advocacy Day
    Join your colleagues in Sacramento to educate legislative leaders as champions for patients and the practice of medicine. Sign up for events.
  4. Follow CMA’s Legislative Hot List
    Follow to receive a summary and the status of CMA-sponsored bills, as well as significant health care legislation. Learn more.
  5. Get to Know Your Elected Officials
    Meet with your elected officials while they are in their home districts or attend town halls/community events to educate them on health care issues.
  6. Be a Resource for Legislators
    Advocate on behalf of the physician community and your patients by offering your expertise and experience.
  7. Become a Social Media Ambassador
    Join to receive training, advice and content to help keep your colleagues and other medical professionals informed, connected and engaged online. Sign up to become a Social Media Ambassador.
  8. Share Your Story
    Receive media training, ghostwriting assistance and other media resources to share your powerful experiences and expertise with the public. Sign up to become a Media Surrogate.
  9. Contribute to CALPAC
    Support CMA’s political action committee to benefit state and federal candidates who share CMA's philosophy and vision. Donate to CALPAC.
  10. Host a Local Fundraiser for a CMA-Endorsed Candidate
    Host a candidate fundraiser or volunteer your time to develop a personal relationship – an excellent opportunity to become a legislator’s valued constituent.
  11. Run for Local Office
    CALPAC can help you run for office to shape state and local government health care policy.
  12. Join CMA
    For more than 160 years, CMA and its county medical societies have represented California’s physicians as the recognized voice of the medical profession. Together, we are stronger. Join (or renew) today.

For more information, visit cmadocs.org/grassroots.


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