Mode of practice forum election results announced

July 29, 2013

After a week of electronic voting, the California Medical Association (CMA) has concluded its election for open delegate and alternate seats representing the various "mode of practice" forums at the association's annual House of Delegates meeting. The annual House of Delegates will take place this year on October 11-13 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.

The voting began on June 27 and ended July 7. The purpose of the election was to fill open seats for the delegations representing small and solo group, medium group, large group, hospital-based, government employed, academic practice and administrative medicine physicians.

The open seats and the physicians elected to fill them for two-year terms are as follows:

  • Solo and Small Group Practice Forum:
  • Delegate, District I – James Ochi, M.D.
  • Alternate, District I – Dan Giurgui, M.D.
  • Delegate, District II – Eric Hansen, D.O.
  • Alternate, District II – Tarek Mahdi, M.D.
  • Alternate, District III – Thomas Badin, M.D.
  • Delegate, District IV – Sharon Winer, M.D.
  • Alternate, District V – Suzanne Fussell, M.D.
  • Delegate, District VII – Michael Margolis, M.D.
  • Delegate, District VIII – Eric Tabas, M.D.
  • Delegate, District IX – Kurt Wharton M.D.
  • Alternate, District IX – Steven Una, M.D.
  • Delegate, District X – George Jutila, M.D.
  • Delegate, District XI – Daniel Foreman, M.D.
  • Alternate, District XI – Sean Deane, M.D.
  • Medium-Size Group Practice Forum
  • Delegate – Thomas Ormiston, M.D.
  • Delegate – Joanna Tan, M.D.
  • Alternate – Eric Mitchel, M.D.
  • Large Group Practice Forum
  • Delegate – David J. Park, M.D.
  • Delegate – Doug Schultz, M.D.
  • Academic Practice Forum
  • Delegate – Michael Nduati, M.D.
  • Delegate – Mark Langdorf, M.D.

Under policy adopted by the Board of Trustees last year, seats for the Solo and Small Group Practice Forum are apportioned geographically, with each CMA district entitled to one or more delegates according to the number of forum members in the district. Elections for all other forums are conducted on a statewide basis.

The elections were conducted by an independent elections consultant, VR Election Services, using electronic balloting on a secure website. All forum members were mailed voting instructions that included a unique password used to verify eligibility to vote on the website.

Contact: Roger Purdy, (916) 551-2067 or rpurdy@cmadocs.org.


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