IMQ’s Certification Services make tracking CME credits easy

March 20, 2015
Area(s) of Interest: Continuing Medical Education (CME) Professional Development & Education 

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) offers a continuing medical education (CME) certification service to make it easier for physicians to track their CME credits. Subscribers can now view and print their transcripts online. They can submit the required documents as email attachments directly to IMQ and enter their data on a submission form that can be downloaded from the IMQ website.

The Medical Board of California requires physicians to participate in a minimum of 50 credits from board-recognized CME providers every two years. Thousands of California physicians rely on IMQ’s CME Certification Services to keep track of their credits and to reduce the time and difficulty of a medical board audit by having IMQ verify their CME. If selected for an audit, physicians only need to provide the CME verification they receive from IMQ and their work is done.

IMQ’s Certification Services are also recognized by the American Medical Association as counting toward its Physician Recognition Award program.

You’ll find more details at http://imq.org/ContinuingMedicalEducation/CMECertification.


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