Noridian now offers Remittance Advices in Endeavor

December 11, 2013
Area(s) of Interest: Practice Management 

The Noridian provider portal, known as Endeavor, was enhanced on November 15 and now offers the full remittance advice for checks that were issued in November and moving forward. This feature provides the same service that Palmetto GBA provided on its Online Provider Services portal. The Noridian feature supplements the existing Electronic Remittance Advice or the Standard Paper Remittance Advice primary method of receipt for providers. In order to obtain the PDF file, physicians must be a registered Endeavor user and have selected "Remittance Advice" access to the National Provider Identifier number.

Physicians have two inquiry options available to them. They may request remittances issued within the last 30 days, or can request a remittance by date(s), check amount or check number. The Noridian system provides a list of up to 100 available remittance advices.

More details about the availability and limits for the remittance feature are available on the Noridian Jurisdiction E website.


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