AMA HOD adopts CMA's meningococcal vaccination resolution

June 16, 2014
Area(s) of Interest: Advocacy Public Health Vaccination 

The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD) adopted a resolution proposed by the California Medical Association (CMA) that supports meningococcal vaccinations for school children. Resolution 414 asks that the AMA support efforts to require school children to be vaccinated against meningococcal virus under the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices guidelines.

Testimony on the issue reminded the delegates that this is a complex issue and recommended further investigation into why 30 percent of school children are not getting the meningococcal vaccine. The AMA Council on Science and Public Health testified that they are currently drafting a report on vaccine exemptions and agree to include noncompliance issues in immunization.

This resolution stemmed from a policy adopted during the CMA House of Delegates in 2013 (CMA resolution 05-13) and referred for national action.


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