Free CME: Six steps to improve physician resiliency

January 05, 2017
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Increasing administrative responsibilities—due to regulatory pressures and evolving payment and care delivery models—reduce the amount of time physicians spend delivering direct patient care. Physicians often experience burnout caused by demanding workloads, nights on call and other common stressors. Learning resiliency helps physicians have longer, more satisfying careers and reduces the risk of burnout.

The American Medical Association (AMA) STEPS Forward™ collection includes a module, "Improving Physician Resiliency," that includes six ways to improve resiliency in a demanding practice environment and ways to prevent burnout. The module will help physicians identify tools and resources to increase resiliency, assess personal and professional contributors to stress, and identify and prioritize values in all aspects of their lives.

Launched by AMA in June 2015, STEPS Forward now includes 43 free interactive educational modules aimed at helping physicians redesign their medical practices to minimize stress and reignite professional fulfillment in their work. Continuing medical education (CME) credit can be earned from each module.

For more information, visit www.stepsforward.org.

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