Aetna pursues EFT implementation for physician network

May 28, 2014
Area(s) of Interest: Commercial Payors Payor Issues and Reimbursement 

Aetna has begun issuing notifications to targeted network providers notifying them that they must convert to electronic funds transfer (EFT). The most recent notification advised that EFT enrollment was required by May 1, 2014, with no ability to opt-out.

Despite this notice, CMA has verified with Aetna representatives that payment will continue after the May 1 deadline for any physician who does not enroll. However, Aetna will continue to pursue providers to try to convert them to electronic payments and bring them into compliance with the Aetna electronic payment program.

For providers who are unable to comply with the new requirement, physicians should contact Aetna Provider Services at (888) 632-3862 and request a hardship exemption. Providers may be granted an exception from the current EFT requirement for up to one year, but will be targeted again at a later date for participation in the program.


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