California School Board Association votes to oppose MICRA lawsuit measure

May 30, 2014
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The coalition working to defeat the MICRA lawsuit measure has added another key member.

The California School Board Association (CSBA), which represents nearly 1,000 education agencies and more than 6,000 school board members statewide, recently voted to formally oppose the trial attorneys' costly MICRA initiative.  CSBA is a leading voice on issues affecting public school districts in California, as well as the more than 6 million school-aged children enrolled in these institutions.

"Due to the concern that the measure could potentially increase health care costs for school districts and decrease funding available to invest in the programs and resources to improve student achievement, CSBA voted to oppose this initiative," said Vernon M. Billy, executive director and CEO of CSBA. "When school funding is finally being restored after years of cuts, school districts today simply cannot afford additional costs."

CSBA’s education leadership is a welcome addition to a broad coalition that already includes groups representing health care professionals, working men and women, business and civil rights interests from across the state.

A full list of collation members, as well as resources related to the campaign to defeat the MICRA lawsuit measure, can be found at www.stophigherhealthcarecosts.com.


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