United Healthcare to deactivate inactive physician TINs as part of provider directory cleanup

May 20, 2015
Area(s) of Interest: Commercial Payors Payor Issues and Reimbursement Practice Management 

Beginning August 1, 2015, United Healthcare (UHC) will initiate a cleanup of its participating provider database and directory. Participating physicians who have not submitted a claim to UHC for a period of one year will be deemed to have voluntarily ceased participation in the UHC physician network; United will initiate a termination of the physician agreement. UHC will contact impacted providers to advise of the termination and to clarify any concerns from the physician. The California Medical Association has inquired about when and how physicians will be notified. 

Additionally, if a participating physician has multiple tax identification numbers (TIN) and UHC shows that any one of the TINs has not submitted claims for a period of one year or greater, UHC will deactivate that TIN. The provider will retain his or her participation status under the active TIN and no notification of deactivation of the inactive TIN will be provided. Providers who wish to reactivate a TIN should contact UHC Network Management at (866) 574-6088 to update their information in its system.

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