CMA Foundation releases PSAs to raise awareness about important adult immunizations

July 25, 2016
Area(s) of Interest: Public Health Vaccination 

The California Medical Association (CMA) Foundation has released public service announcements (PSA), in English and Spanish, to raise awareness about the importance of adult immunizations. The Foundation suggests that physicians turn their attention to adults, who haven’t been as diligent about getting their own shots.

Vaccines are important at all ages. While there has been a lot of focus on unvaccinated children, physicians must not lose sight of the vaccines that are important at every age and stage in life.

Millions of Californians are newly covered under the Affordable Care Act and can get vaccinations — for the flu, tetanus, measles, hepatitis A and B, meningococcal disease and other illnesses — with no copay or other out-of-pocket cost. It’s important that adults remain up-to-date, as many vaccines received as children, including for tetanus and diphtheria, wear off over time.

Click here for downloadable patient brochures on adult vaccines and here for access to the PSAs, which can be linked to on your website.


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