IMQ offers customized peer review to assist medical staffs

August 01, 2016
Area(s) of Interest: Practice Management 

Did you know that the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ), a subsidiary of the California Medical Association (CMA), offers peer review consultations?

IMQ currently offers two types of consultations—a clinical case review or a comprehensive evaluation of a physician’s practice. In both cases, IMQ's physician reviewers are in active practice in the clinical specialty or sub-specialty of the case selected for peer review.

These services are customized for each medical staff, group or clinic, with fees based on the scope of services provided. Upon completion, the reviewers create a report detailing their findings and recommendations.

Clinical Case Review

IMQ’s clinical case review consultation is an off-site patient chart review and provides an objective evaluation of the clinical practice of one or more physician members of a hospital medical staff through peer review of selected cases.

Comprehensive Peer Review

IMQ’s comprehensive peer review consultation is custom-designed to assess the quality of care and services provided by one or more physicians. This program is valuable to physicians and medical staffs who identify a need for a peer review by an outside, objective party. This on-site visit is by two experienced physicians, unaffiliated with the physician or facility, who represent appropriate clinical specialties.

IMQ is also developing a program to offer ongoing peer/clinical case review for facilities that want established peer/chart review but do not have the providers available to conduct these reviews. Please contact IMQ if you are interested in this type of review.

For more information, visit www.imq.org.

Contact: Leslie Anne Iacopi,(415) 882-5167 or liacopi@imq.org.


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