Nominate a local "immunization champion" for annual awards

August 22, 2016
Area(s) of Interest: Physician Leadership Professional Development & Education 

Now is your chance to reward someone whose work in immunization deserves recognition. The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) is accepting nominations for two annual awards, given each year at the annual CIC Summit.

The Natalie J. Smith Award is presented to an individual, group or organization in California that has made an outstanding contribution in the immunization arena. The Ronald P. Bangasser Award is presented to a practicing clinician who exemplifies the leadership, professionalism, and commitment that Dr. Bangasser—a past president of the California Medical Association—brought to his work in promoting immunizations.

For nomination forms and details, visit www.immunizeca.org/about/cic-awards. Nominations are due in late January 2017.

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