Physicians: Act now to stop dangerous rate setting proposal

May 14, 2018
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On Wednesday, May 16, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will be considering AB 3087 (Kalra), which would create a commission of unelected political appointees empowered to arbitrarily cap rates for all health care services in all clinics, hospitals and physician practices in California. By unilaterally setting the price for all medical services, the bill would essentially eliminate the commercial health care market in California.

Physicians are urged to visit actnow.io/PriceFixing to ask their legislators to stop this dangerous bill.

“No state in America has ever attempted such an unproven policy of inflexible, government-managed price caps across every health care service,” said California Medical Association (CMA) President Theodore M. Mazer, M.D. “It threatens to reverse the historic gains for health coverage and access made in California since the passage of the ACA.”

A recent survey of 398 California physicians conducted by CMA found:

  • 92 percent oppose AB 3087 (6 percent undecided, 2 percent in support).

  • 58 percent believe AB 3087 would force them to leave California and practice elsewhere.

  • 39 percent believe AB 3087 would force them into early retirement.

  • Only 5 percent believe AB 3087 would have little to no effect on their medical practice.

  • Of the 79 percent of respondents who currently serve Medi-Cal patients, 64 percent believed AB 3087 would force them to decrease the number of Medi-Cal patients they serve.

Tell your legislator to vote no on this dangerous and irresponsible piece of legislation.

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