Medi-Cal to require submitters to validate contact information on login

February 08, 2023

Beginning on January 27, 2023, organizations that submit information to, or look up information in, the Medi-Cal provider portal will be required complete a one-time validation of their contact information.

After that date, the first time you log into Medi-Cal provider website’s Transaction Services using a submitter ID, a one-time web form will pop up that must be filled out to continue. Submitters will be required to validate their address, phone number and organization’s authorized contact person.

Once this is complete, access will be granted to Transaction Services as usual. This updated information will be used to mail an organization token to all submitters, allowing them to register for access to the new Medi-Cal Provider Portal.

Physicians should be aware that once this form is submitted, you will not be able to access the web form again. If for some reason it was input incorrectly, you will need to call the Medi-Cal service center at (800) 541-5555 to update your information.


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