CMA annual invoicing in progress

June 10, 2022
Area(s) of Interest: Continuing Medical Education (CME) 

The California Medical Association (CMA) continuing medical education (CME) program sent out annual accreditation fee invoices earlier this month. If you did not receive an email from PayPal with a link to your invoice, please email cme@cmadocs.org as soon as possible. Once you have opened the invoice, you will see that in addition to being able to pay your invoices by credit card, you also have the option to pay by check. Instructions are included on the invoice and direct you to send your check to our payment dropbox in Phoenix, Ariz..

The annual accreditation fee is due on July 31, 2022. Please make sure that CMA has received payment prior to this date. CMA-accredited providers are accountable for timely submission of fees that are required either to attain or maintain accreditation. Failure to meet this deadline could result in an immediate change of your accreditation status to probation, and subsequent consideration by the CMA Steering Committee on CME for a change of status to nonaccreditation. For a list of current fees and related information, see the CMA Provider Fee Schedule.


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